There are currently 33 ongoing projects with the UF Covid-19 Student Task Force (CSSC).

The projects are all organized by categories – below is a comprehensive list of all currently active projects for the UF CSSC. If you would like more information on a specific project, please see it’s overarching category or page.


Traditional Public Health

  • Homeless outreach
  • Quarantine Monitoring
  • Mobile Testing unit
  • Contact Tracing
  • Long-term Community Outreach


PPE Production/Distribution

  • PPE Collection
  • Community Mask Distribution
  • PPE Engineering
  • PPE Redistribution
  • Days for Girls Mask Sewing


Food Outreach

  • Working Food
  • Gator Grocery Getter
  • Farmshare Distributions
  • Civic Media Cetner


Telehealth Outreach

  • ED Covid-19 Follow-Up
  • EAC – Medical Needs
  • EAC – Rehab/Activity Promotion


Social Support

  • Mobile Outreach Clinic Virtual Activities
  • Gator Challenge Outreach
  • Gatorsitters


Information Technology & Distribution

  • Education/Resources/Social Media
  • Cross Coordination



  • Emerging Pathogens Institute Projects
  • SE Coastal Center Initiaatives
  • First Responders Testing
  • Pediatric Research


Special Populations

  • Children with Disabilities
  • Pediatric Outreach
  • Farmworker Outreach


Gratitude Projects

  • Thank You Letters
  • 6-ft Closer
  • Cookies to the Frontlines