Information Technology and Distribution

CSSC Webmasters

We are the students in charge of creating, updating, and monitoring the website. Please contact us if you have any ideas, suggestions, or concerns related to the website. 

Contact: Camille Meschia ( and Sujay Kamisetty (

Educational Outreach

This project entails gathering information on COVID-19 to create easy-to-read infographics for the general population and vulnerable populations (i.e. Pregnant women, undocumented immigrants, etc). Volunteers can choose to help with researching the most up to date information, fact checking, designing infographics, or translating infographics. We are also open to volunteers’ ideas on topics/populations to target with infographics. This project is ideal for students who would like to work remotely. Both short-term and long-term projects are available.

Contact: Genesys Giraldo (, Rosier Luderve (, and Sunny Trivedi ( 

contraCOVID Gainesville

contraCOVID is a national student-run organization that aims to help Latinx, Immigrant, and other underserved populations during the COVID-19 pandemic. In Gainesville, we have adapted the contraCOVID model to create a multilingual, low literacy-friendly community resource guide to connect underserved groups to updated information. We are managing a social media campaign (Facebook & Instagram) to disseminate our resource guide and inform the public on various health topics. You can access our resource guide here

Contact: Keer Zhang ( and Shruti Kolli (