Traditional Public Health

Vaccination Clinics and Events

Assist with expanding vaccine access and bringing COVID-19 vaccination events to community locations throughout North-Central Florida

Contact: Scott Cohen (

Emergency Department Clinical Volunteering

 Our Adult Emergency Department is currently in need of volunteers to help triage patients during peak hours throughout the week. 

They are requesting: 

  • 1-2 students per 4 hour shift. 
  • The current suggested shift times are: 3-7pm and 7pm-11pm (all days of the week)

Requirements to volunteer:

  • Current Medical or Physician Assistant student
  • Fully Vaccinated against COVID-19
  • N95 Fit tested*
  • Be comfortable taking vitals in the ED.  
  • Attend a 30 minute ED Orientation with Dr. Thompson in the coming weeks.

Sign-up for Orientation here:

Contact: Daniel Valladares (

Emergency Department Callback Program

Due to the high volume of COVID patients in the adult and pediatric ED, we are looking for a small group of volunteers to help with a callback program! This will entail calling patients with positive COVID tests to check on them, giving them information, and answering their questions (there will be a FAQ with answers). We will have a script to follow on the phone and you will be able to call outside of the ED if you are not able to volunteer in person. This will be through a blinded phone number so that it appears like you are calling from the ED.

We are planning to provide a 30-min training, where the process will be explained in more detail and where we can answer any of your questions. Please let me know if you are able to volunteer and we’ll schedule a training session this coming week.

Contact: Kartik Motwani (

Homeless Outreach

Partner with county homeless outreach teams to contact/assess unsheltered homeless population for medical needs including on-site COVID-testing.

Contact: Ricky Ashby (