Special Populations

Pediatric Outreach

Outreach to under/un-insured pediatric patients connecting them to pediatric providers in the community. Contact: Hannah Hayward (hmh011@ufl.edu) and Grace Thompson (gracerthompson@ufl.edu).

Balance 180

Create activity and educational videos for the creation of a google classroom for the children and families at the local Balance 180 adaptive gym. Participate in live zoom calls with the children and their families. We are hoping for volunteers with one or more of the following experience or skills:
  • Volunteer experience for the adaptive gymnastics classes at Balance 180
  • Experience volunteering with or teaching children with developmental (cognitive, physical) delays
  • Occupational Therapy student
  • Audiology student
  • Speech Language Pathology student
  • Education or special education student
  • Elementary or working proficiency in American Sign Language
  • Dance, gymnastics or cheer experience
Contact: Carley Harvard (carleymarie97@ufl.edu).

Read for Hope – Recordings for Children in Underdeveloped Communities

Create videos of yourself reading, dancing and/or singing appropriate for children aged 5-13. Videos are being sent primarily to children in South Africa living in underprivileged communities who do not have the resources available to continue school online during the closing of schools due to COVID-19. If interested, please email me before creating any content to receive document with details of what is needed and how to create it. Request: 20 Volunteers Contact: Sabrina Smith (sabrinamsmith@ufl.edu)

Farmworker Outreach

Our goal is to address the unique challenges that underserved Alachua County farmworkers face as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic by providing them with direct farmside care, testing, triage, and health-related resources. Spanish-speaking volunteers are particularly needed, but all interested volunteers are welcome to help. We are not currently accepting additional volunteers at this time. Contact: Ali Malik (ali.malik@ufl.edu).